Kalmar Ottawa TX Electric Terminal Tractor
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  • Two models to choose from:
    1. The TX12 112kWh electric yard truck with up to 12 hours of operating time, which can be recharged in under an hour using a 150kW CCS1 Charger.

    2. The TX22 224kWh electric yard truck with up to 22 hours of operation, which can be recharged in under two hours using a 150kW CCS1 Charger.

  • Improve your productivity.

    The Kalmar TX Electric Terminal tractor produces less noise, vibrations, fumes, and emissions than a traditionally fueled machine, making it safer and healthier for your driver to operate and achieve higher levels of productivity. Electrical terminal tractors or yard trucks are also safe to use indoors and outside, helping to create a more seamless flow of materials and goods around your yard.

  • Enhance your sustainability credentials.

    By operating an electrically powered terminal tractor or yard truck you will be reducing your carbon emissions, helping you to meet current and future environmental standards and provide a healthier, safer work environment with less noise and fumes: enhancing the reputation of your operations and improving your sustainability credentials.

  • Reduced maintenance and improved availability.

    Electrically powered drive systems have fewer moving parts and are easier to maintain, which means servicing and maintenance tasks will take less time and need to occur less often. The result? You spend less time and money maintaining your truck, while improving availability levels.

  • 5th WheelHolland FW-35TT
  • GVWR35.000 lb
  • Capacidad112kWh or 224kWh
  • CargaCCS1
  • Configuración4 x 2
  • GCWR81.000 lb
  • BateríaLithium-ion
  • Drive unitTM4 Sumo MD