Equipment We Carry

Compresores de aire

From small-scale pneumatic tools to large industrial applications, our range ensures consistent and reliable compressed air supply. Versatile and efficient, these compressors are designed to meet the demands of construction, automotive, manufacturing, and more, offering optimal performance in every task.

Módulos de taladro

Whether you're working on concrete, wood, or metal surfaces, our drill modules offer exceptional versatility and ease of use. From handheld options for intricate tasks to heavy-duty rigs for industrial projects, our lineup ensures precise and efficient drilling in any environment.


Built to deliver reliable power in diverse situations, our generators come in various sizes and capacities, catering to both residential and commercial needs. From portable units for outdoor events to standby generators for critical infrastructure, we offer solutions tailored to your specific power requirements.

Light Compaction Equipment

From plate compactors to trench rollers, our lineup ensures efficient soil and asphalt compaction for construction, landscaping, and roadwork. Compact, maneuverable, and powerful, our equipment helps you achieve the desired density in various surfaces with ease.

Torres de luz

Designed for maximum visibility and safety in various environments, our towers offer powerful illumination for construction sites, outdoor events, emergency situations, and more. Versatile and easy to set up, these towers provide reliable lighting solutions whenever and wherever needed.

Why Choose Doosan

Doosan Portable Power crafts durable equipment that provides mobile solutions to companies of all kinds. Whatever your industry may be, Doosan's equipment is engineered to enhance project efficiency and accessibility, ensuring completion of any task.

Portable Power Equipment Near You

Papé Material Handling is a full-service dealer of new and used forklifts, aerial equipment, and portable power equipment. We also offer warehouse design services, machine rentals, and maintenance services. With locations throughout the western U.S., a Papé dealer is never far away.