Energía eléctrica limpia que se toma en serio

Electric lift trucks are nothing new to Papé Material Handling. We partner with Hyster and Yale, who have been engineering and manufacturing them for decades. Today, we are leveraging our expertise to power your possibilities in new, more impactful ways by bringing advanced power sources to all classes of forklifts, from pallet jacks to high-capacity lift trucks.

Ahora más que nunca, podemos ayudarlo a usted y a su operación a reducir las emisiones, el consumo de combustible y los costos de mantenimiento, mientras aumentamos el rendimiento y la eficiencia para las industrias que consumen mucha energía, como la industria portuaria, maderera, agrícola, siderúrgica y más. Reach out to us today to get started.

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Montacargas eléctricos con potencia similar a los de motor de combustión interna (ICE)


Soluciones de potencia motriz

Your ability to meet high customer demands depends on having the best forklift energy solution for your application. From traditional lead-acid options to innovative lithium-ion batteries, the Pape Motive Power team is here to help you find the right power solution for your application.